Idealpeople Blog: The Case of the Stolen Chocolates

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Case of the Stolen Chocolates

Readers, we need your help this morning. Something terrible has happened.

At Idealpeople it's become something of a tradition that upon placing candidates in a new role, we send them a bottle of good Champagne to perhaps start and almost certainly enhance their celebrations and provide closure of our service. Given the variety of cultural and personal preferences of individuals we work with, we do offer some variety in terms of the gift we supply, although it’s generally champagne, beer, wine or chocolates.

Recently, we were lucky enough to work with a candidate who – for the sake of her identity - we'll call 'Clarice'. Clarice was a star candidate and we found her a dream job quickly. She was delighted to hear of our tradition of gift-giving and asked for some chocolates to be sent out. What happened next is – frankly – a disgrace. A rough chain of events is below. We’re too upset to say any more.

This is an appeal for information. If you know anything about what happened, please contact us (01908 562785) or you can call Crimestoppers in confidence. We don’t know their number, but you could Google it….

The Case of the Stolen Chocolates

It was a dark and stormy night.

Whilst patiently waiting to commence work in the position we had found her, Clarice heard a faint tapping on her door. She scurried to answer, as quickly as her legs would carry her, only to find the door open and a strange package left on the doorstep. She quickly realised that it was the scrumptious gift that a honourable acquaintance promised to bestow upon her. She gathered the package from the wet stone step and took it in out of the harsh storm. She took the package into the hallway to open and begin consumption.

Much to her disappointment, Clarice spotted some damage on the outer packaging...

She decided to hold back her emotions as she was a respectable lady and in truth this wasn't unusual given the quality of the vast majority of modern day errand bearers. She continued opening in the faint hope that the contents would be maintained as if delivered by the chocolatier's own hand.

Alas, the inner packaging also appeared damaged.

"Oh the humanity!”
“What kind of beastly rogue could perform such a ghastly act?"

'The Ribbon of Chocolaty Chastity' was slack and the corner of the receptacle damaged...

The chocolates would be OK though, right?

She feared the worst and asked herself questions with regards to her bravery and personal resolve. Did she really want to continue her investigations? The answer was yes: she could smell the heavenly concoction of Milk, Cocoa, Butter and Vanilla, which proved too strong to resist. She tore the carton open.

Here’s what she saw:

Someone had eaten half of them. Half! Half? Why couldn’t they just have had ONE? If they were THAT hungry, they could have just had one and left the rest, but HALF?

I hope you understand Clarice’s (and our) pain.

This was a loss of the most devastating kind.

The chocolates can and have been replaced...however the culprit is yet to be found, so if you or anyone you know has any information or theories surrounding this mystery, please post them on this blog.

We’re far too upset about this to blog again.

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